Enhancing Your Existing Landscape With New Fencing

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Are you looking to spruce up your current landscape and add more curb appeal to your property? If so, adding a fence to any area can be a vast improvement. Fences are not just for aesthetic purposes; they can be made to keep people out or can be used as a wall to divide the property. This can improve property values greatly. Fencing will actually boost appearances when intertwined with existing landscape elements already in place. Whether you choose one for a decorative reason or another, here are some ways fencing can enhance your yard. 

A Great Decorative Backdrop for Tall Country Gardens

If you love the feel of an old-fashioned garden, fencing is something to consider incorporating into the landscape. Wood split or post rail fences are a great way to accent a space and also provide support for climbing roses and other vines that are already a part of an existing garden. It can also help separate different types of gardens and provide a good visual accent too. Picket fences are often used to outline herb or rock gardens and stand as a backdrop for colorful cosmos and other wispy flowers like poppies, Russian sage, lavender, or statice. 

Lovely Around the Pool

Not only do you want to keep your pool safe for everyone who visits your yard, but your water oasis can also accentuate the surrounding landscape. Aluminum fencing provides a secure perimeter for your pool and a blank backdrop for plants and shrubs. A white fence allows you to accent roses and tall plants like lupines, which really highlights their richness and color. Wrought iron fencing creates a stunning base for showing off topiaries or arborvitae, both of which can accompany a pool area nicely. 

Perfect Accent for Nosy Neighbors

Do you have neighbors close by? This makes it hard to sit out and enjoy some private time in your yard space. Installing a new wood or PVC privacy fence can give you a layer of security and block unwanted eyes. A tall fence can also act as a noise barrier. Don't be afraid to add a privacy fence to your existing landscape or stone retaining wall. A corner fish pond, patio or deck can all be accentuated with the placement of a new fence behind or around it. 

If you've been wondering what has been missing from your gardenscape, take a closer look. It could be that a fence is the missing component to bring it all together. Contact your local fence contractor to set your ideas in motion.